May 26, 2016


How you communicate your company to the world is crucial. It is smart to try to coordinate the sent signals because they are building the image of you, your product and your company in the minds of your target groups. This does not mean that you cannot relax and not be yourself, just the opposite but it is very important that the picture that goes out is authentic, feels real and looks like you. People smell fake.

How well you communicate and sell is not a minor thing, it decides your destiny in all the areas of life where you need someone to like you or to choose you instead of someone else – and that is in every area in life from selling products to marriage market. In real life, even if you only would like the target group to listen to your sales speech, they will instead combine all the signals they can pick up to make their own perception of you, your product or your company and those signals are not necessarily the signals you would like to be used. They listen to what their friends say about you, look at what car you drive, how you comb your hair, react to if your receptionist is friendly or how your employees treat a waitress eating their lunch. All that is what you are to them and the only thing you can do is to systematically work for positive and authentic things instead of letting just anything pop out. We can help you to communicate the positive and real you.

Good communication work identifies, creates and maintains good relations with the groups that decide a company’s existence or its death, builds awareness and acceptance towards the company, its products, services, business practices, intellectual capital and the company management points of view. It increases credibility, helps to control risks, to build a reputation and to increase sales. PR generates publicity in non-purchased channels. Telling what is advertising and what is PR is simple – If you have to pay for the media space, it is advertising and not PR.

We can find you good solutions in both your local and global communication needs. Talk to us!