We invite UK companies to come and conquer Scandinavia with us. With fantastic food, trendy clothes and cool tech, Scandinavians have given the world new ideas about being “hygge” and having “sisu”, eating “smorgasbord” and using big woollen socks in the warm light of Ikea candles. The Finnish word “kalsarikännit” (= you get drunk at home in your underwear)has lately been trending in social media and tells something about the Nordic soul. It is both closed and protected and very open for ideas and products from outside. The underwear you are wearing while taking “kalsarikännit”, probably is made far far away from the homeland. Nordic countries are very international.

We can open you a new world of interesting products in Scandinavia if you are in search of something new but we can also take your hand and lead your products into Nordic markets.

Come on, let´s go together!!!