The reasons why your clients buy

If you want to know your brand’s full potential, you also need to know which associations with a brand actually make people want to buy it – and to pay more for it. It is not enough that the brand is known and well liked in general (but of course, a good starting point). Still,[…]

Why, how, what, who???

A brand is a collection of conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings and attitudes connected to for example a product or a company. They are the associations that decide if we want to buy the brand or not. To build a strong brand that makes people to want to buy it or to pay more for[…]

Who is really leading the world?

The old reds are blue now and the blue are green and the green are almost red. Ideologies have died, many say. Politicians have lost their vision and everyone is just after publicity and popularity – in the center moving a bit right or left when needed for the votes. Conservatives become social democratic, social[…]