The wonder pills for marketing and digital RIGHT NOW

DIGITAL CLIENT CLUBS There were several early starter mediated discount services like Groupon that most of us have forgotten by now. Now it is all about building own branded audiences and selling their attention and buying potential. The new big development is attracting early adopters that are active in client clubs. A marketer needs to[…]


We invite UK companies to come and conquer Scandinavia with us. With fantastic food, trendy clothes and cool tech, Scandinavians have given the world new ideas about being “hygge” and having “sisu”, eating “smorgasbord” and using big woollen socks in the warm light of Ikea candles. The Finnish word “kalsarikännit” (= you get drunk at[…]

How to write product descriptions that sell

It is an easy mistake that even professional copywriters make sometimes. They write product descriptions that simply describe the products. Why is that wrong? Because product descriptions need to sell your products! Lets look at nine simple ways to persuade your web visitors with product descriptions that sell.   1.FOCUS ON YOUR IDEAL BUYER When writing a[…]